Market Strategies

Our market strategies are continually evolving as we evaluate changing factors that influence acquisition and disposition decisions. We evaluate a number of methods looking at local economic data and demographic patterns in select West Coast markets.

Opportunities we are currently pursuing are as follows:

Puget Sound Market – Given the high cost of Seattle and Eastside properties we are looking closely at apartments in suburban locations that we feel have positive rent growth.  We are focused both north and south from Everett to Tacoma.  We particularly like close to South King County, Renton, Burien and Tukwila and North, Lynnwood and Mount Lake Terrace.

San Diego Market – Due to strong population growth and limited new apartment supply in most core neighborhoods, we have targeted San Diego as a good market to pursue investment opportunities.  San Diego has strong fundamentals with high cost for housing, strong population and job growth.  We are focused on the close in city markets.

Salt Lake City Market – Meter has been searching for opportunities in the Salt Lake City metro area.  With strong employment and population growth, one of the most business friendly governments in the country and an exceptional quality of life Meter intends to create a hub  of long term hold assets in this market.

Los Angeles / Orange County Metro – Meter intends to expand its SoCal portfolio into very specific infill areas in OC and LA.  This is the same strategy Meter deployed in San Diego that we believe will produce exceptional opportunities.

Student Housing – We are focused on student markets on the West Coast that have growing enrollment with limited supply of new public and private housing options.