Meter has significant experience developing both for sale and multi-family projects. Meter properties development projects are solely focused on core urban locations.

Meter searches for sites in urban villages that have favorable supply/demand characteristics, mass transit and are walk-able neighborhoods. Meter targets underutilized land in high demand areas focusing our keen understanding to large housing segments that do not have adequate supple both in the for sale and multi-family markets.

We use creative and innovative design focused on the desires of the consumer we are building for which enables us to command premium pricing for both for sale product and apartment communities we develop.

Meter seeks opportunities with the following criteria:

– Well located urban locations.

– Class B & C assets we can turn into solid A & B class assets.

– Properties we can add units or can turn additional land into a new buildings.

– Transportation oriented properties located within a path of population growth.

– Projects with good physical characteristics that we can enhance to improve the units and property.

– Select secondary markets with favorable supply and demand characteristics.

– Student housing opportunities where student enrollment is growing and bed count in dorms and private housing is    not keeping pace with enrollment.